Demo 2012

by Everything

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released October 23, 2012



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Everything Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Frail Hands
Sky blue eyes
Those eyes, they're cutting right through me
Your cold, frail hands
Still feel them on my warm skin
One last touch and gone
You're gone, breathless buried

I just can't shake those cold, frail hands

(If I stayed that night, would you still be here?
Because I need you, because I need you here)

This room has died
It took you too
The flashing lights across a screen
Illuminate a past so sweet
Now you are dust
I am alone now
How does it feel to leave this world
With drawers full of picture frames

The air in my lungs left with your soul
From this point, I'll never be whole
Track Name: Lightning in My Mind
I see that night
Flashes of light
Your hand over my mouth
Oh, God the sound
Ringing in my head
Power, control taken from me

This is hell (Oh, God)
What was mine (It's gone)
What was hers (No more)
What was ours (Take it back)

Break me, take me, bury me, alive.
Track Name: Crawl in the Walls
This is the way
Show me the light
Into the dark
Sweep me away

Ashes for 30 years
Oceans swallow the tears
Your whispers next to me
Every room is empty

Tell me
(I want to know, where have I gone?)

Tell me
(Crawl in the walls, the lighthouse is on)

Mother, I'll show you things
Houses, they speak to me
Mother, I'm close to death
Lay me to bed

Now you hold my silent flesh
Beneath a mask, my features rest
Track Name: Cass
I'm so fucking stoked

God damn, I'm cute
Track Name: Horror
No light, no hope

Now I'll wrap my arms around my knees and I'll close my eyes
Knowing that these thoughts will never leave, but hoping that they might
Even after 20 years, I still can't sleep at night
Even though these scars have all been healed, I still watch them bleed
Do you remember all the things that you did to me?
I see the horror of that night, it's etched into my eyes

No light, no hope, it just won't end
Knock me down and turn your back again